Hanamura was established in 1921, located in Akasaka. Hanamura is a where you can relax as you forget about the time. We have two Japanese-style rooms and we can cook in front of customers at their table and serve you delicious and hot tempura quickly and easily. To complement your dining experience we also have wine and sake to go with your meal.

Most Japanese people always enjoy seasonal cuisine but now we're able to eat almost anything throughout the year, so Hanamura can always select the best ingredients anytime.

Tempura is origin of a dish of Portuguese but it is now considered truly Japanese dish. During the 17th century, Catholics in Japan ate fishes and vegetables on Friday since their religion forbade eating meat on that day.
Tempura is made from fishes, shellfishes and vegetables dipped in batter, which made of eggs and flour, then deep fried in vegetable oil. It must serve one by one because tempura loses its delicate and delicious flavor unless it is served very hot.


‘ TAKE...7,350YEN 7fishes
‘ UME..9,450YEN 10fishes
‘ SPECIAL...11,550YEN Sasimi&Tempura
¦All courses are served with rice,
@@@@@@@@@@@@@miso-sup, pickles and desert.
Shrimps, shell-ligament, Prawns, Sillago, Mantisch-shrimp, Conger, Goby, White bait, Squid
Mushroom, Lotus root, Eggplant, Sting been, Ginkgo nuts, Ginger, Beefsteak plants, Pumpkin,Sweet potato,
SakeEEEE630YEN / Beer EEEE630YEN / WhiskyEEE735YEN / WineEEE 4,200YEN
Soft DrinksEE315YEN

PHONE:@03 (3585) 4570
OPEN:@12:00PM`9:00PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
¦ Due to the request for shorter business hours, the business hours will be from 12:00 to 21:00 and alcohol will be served until 20:00.